Papa Louie 3

papa-louie-3Papa Louie 3 is a game for you in case you like to play adventure game.  The game is about the attack of the Sundaes. The game is full of difficult challenges, impressive graphics with tons of the achievements that can satisfy someone who is an avid player. You should help Papa Louie with the customers against the sweet candies that work together with Sundaesauruses.


In the game, the objective is to be able to rescue Papa Louie together with its customers that are found in the Radley Madish’s clutches.  When the customers are rescued, then you can take them with you to the adventure of the next level. Every one of these customers is going to come with his own weapon. There are some customers that have short range weapon and others have long range weapon like ball shooting pineapple.  You should save all the customers so that you can try them and learn who will be your favorite roland garros direct.

The game comes with 48 badges for the achievements and you can collect them in the Papa Louie 3. There are badges that can be achieved easily while for others, it can be difficult to be achieved. You can collect them so that you may earn the bragging rights.


Game Play

The main menu in the Papa Louis is when Sundae attacks with different options in the game.  When you click at the main menu button when you play a certain level, it is going to pause the game. In the menu, you are going to see the buttons including the help buttons, controls, badges and baddies.

The area info is the place where you will get all information that you wish to know about a particular level that you are in and this include the customers that you were able to rescue with how many gold coins that you had collected. The number of the wrap keys that you have got and the total score, you will also be aware of the time that was dedicated to that level.

Controls panel is the place where you are able to change the default of the key controls in order to controls what you are choosing. This is the best option for the players who like to use the A, S, D or W keys in moving the characters instead of using the arrow keys.

papa louie 3


Papa Louie 3 is not that hard to play. The game is an adventure game and it has easy controls. You can use right and left arrow keys in order to move the character to the right and to the left. The up arrow is used to swim up or to jump while the down arrow is used to slide down the hills or to swim down and also to kill the baddies that are lurking around the hills.  Besides these keys, you should also use the spacebar since it helps you to attack angry candies found in the game.

When you not are comfortable with default keys control, you should not worry.  This game features some features that can be customized and you may adjust the controls so that they may reach the comfort level you want.